Oh give me a break Humanitarians?

Posted: June 1, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news, war
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Ok, Morning Joe calls them “humanitarians”

They have the Israeli minster of public affairs and are pressing him he is not giving one inch and of course keeps referring to the videotape.

I was talking to A friend of mine was saying yesterday that Israel has learned their PR lesson. By filming everything when the Arab side speaks with hyperbole and exaggeration they are able to show actual video of what happened. The video of this is devastating to the attempts to demonize Israel.

This undercuts the “humanitarian” argument of their foes. Will it convince governments or groups that are out for the destruction of Israel? Of course not, it never will, but it will cause individuals who actually watch the video to think.

And as for Gene Robinson and Joe lets do a simple experiment to answer your question about disproportional response: I’ll hand you each a pistol we’ll get 5 guys to beat you with pipes and broomsticks and lets see how long it takes you to ask permission to shoot back.


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