Little Miss Attila comes upon a truth…

Posted: May 30, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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That has been ignored:

Folks, what the hell is so much less delicate about the Gulf of Mexico than ANWR, where we could drill much more safely than in the Gulf? Nothing—that’s what. The ecosystems in the Gulf are far more vulnerable than those in ANWR—as are the local economies that depend on them. And the practices that would be required to produce oil in Alaska—or in shallower water off of California, for that matter—are much safer than those we used to place the Gulf at risk.

Because after all we much rather have people drilling in the gulf than up in the arctic.

Read the whole thing as they say.

  1. Look at it this way. Lets say soon the OPEC nations decide to control the world and limit the amount of barrels of oil causing the price to sky rocket. Demand high, Supply low. Or for whatever reason the well runs dry. This causes global turmoil which leads to war.

    Now in a national defense stand point as the US, where would you rather have your oil drilled Texas, Okalahoma, Gulf of Mexico, etc in your heartland well defended or way up north in Alaska, bordering Northwestern Canada, and within range of attack by both Russia & North Korea by air, sea, and ICBM.?

    I am in no way a military expert but Alaska is a lot closer to the people who just might not like us in a time like that.

  2. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    DaHospitalityGuy makes a good point, but misses some other considerations. First, ANWR isn’t within range of North Korea, I don’t think; just mapquest Barrow, AK (which is close to ANWR), and you’ll see how ridiculously remote the region is.

    More importantly, when we drill for oil offshore, we aren’t on US land; we’re in international waters. From the best I can see, the BP rig was 40 miles offshore, and international waters start nine miles off the American coastline in the Gulf. That means that a hostile nation can attack the oil rigs out there without setting a toe on American soil.

    Also, we could… drumroll… be prepared to develop BOTH offshore and in Alaska, thereby ensuring that if one area fails, we have the other as a back-up.