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…It is really hard to force your body to stay awake without all those stimulants.

As I run around this morning here are a few clips from my visit to the Varsity Drive in Last night:

And Inside:

And a room I missed:

That very nice lady in the second Clip thinks I say “thank you very much” just like Elvis. I don’t hear it myself.

On the heels of my concerns about being allowed back to Massachusetts over my sedition of disagreeing with this president, a vote for a more longterm exile comes from an unexpected source for a different reason:

Since you brought up baseball stuff, since you left the Red Sox have put a little winning streak together. Not to mention that Dice-K was so happy that you were leaving he pitched a near no-hitter on Saturday.

Why not stay a little longer in SC, or perhaps someone will pay to have to travel to another location.

Stay away from Massachusetts! the Red Sox Nation needs your help!

Apparently the Sox have not lost a game since the day I left and did it again

The Boston Red Sox’s recent purple patch continued as they downed the American League East leaders the Tampa Bay Rays 2-0.

David Ortiz was inspirational with a two-run double while Jon Lester was frugal, allowing one hit in six innings as the Red Sox won their seventh from the last eight.

Could the removal of all those fedoras really be making the difference for the old Town team? Well if they beat Tampa tonight I’ll wager Red Sox nation will do all they can to keep me away from my plane on Saturday.

Today I have several meetings and events here in GA to hit put an evening with friends, I hope to schedule a few posts in between and get the data loaded.

I see the advantage of Smitty the co-blogger very much these days.

It is a very hard balance on location because you have to balance the getting of data with its presentation.