Rand Paul Channels Mike Dukakis

Posted: May 20, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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I’ve said in the past that I agree with Ron Paul about 50% of the time. He is a lot like Norton anti-virus When Norton works it works great! When it fails it fails spectacularly!

It looks like the son doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rand Paul like his father takes his constitutional argument to an absolute and sometimes absurd degree. Sort of like when the Duke during his debate in 1988 couldn’t with a straight face answer the question concerning his wife.

In terms of a public restaurant OF COURSE a public restaurant must serve any customer who comes it. If a person own a public business he has to serve the public, ALL the public PERIOD! The fact that he could not make that clear is totally foolish.

A private club does not, that is why it is called a private club. A private club can discriminate all it wants, that is freedom of association. And under that same rule of freedom of association an individual is free to say: “I will not associate myself with said club.” A person can use their freedom of association to say: “Ralph I’m not going to do business with you because you are a member of said club, I’ll buy my lumber from Phil instead.” A person can use their freedom of speech to say: I am going to protest said club organize a march and hold signs because I disagree with said clubs’ discrimination.

If you do not allow a private club to do so then African American War Vets counsel 24 would be required to serve a person who comes in wearing a Klan sheet.

I suspect Mr. Paul would agree with the statements above, if not, if he is an absolutest and can not (and considering his father it wouldn’t surprise me) then that interview of his will not be his Mike Dukakis moment but it will deserve to be.

On a political basis it will be interesting to see what happens either way. A person might get away with it in an individual district but in a statewide race, I don’t think so. If he is not on the shows today or tomorrow at the latest with a damn good explanation fast then it will likely be all over, and if its not then shame on us.

Oh and I like Allahpundit but if he thinks there is no damage here he is out of his mind. Another black conservative has it right.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    There is a difference among common carriers (restaurants, inns, and railways), normal businesses (like a law office), and private organisations.

    Now, Dr. Paul is not a lawyer, so I wouldn’t expect him to put it into those terms, but I do commend him for trying to work through it. Frankly, I don’t think that one should have to be a lawyer in order to be an elected official – I would prefer some diversity of background and viewpoints among those who represent us in Washington.

    To add to your analogy: imagine if Wellesley and Smith were required to admit men. NOW and NARAL being forced to allow Phyllis Schlafly and Sarah Palin voting privileges. Everyone is for private “discrimination” when they think about their own sacred cows, but the Left is often too dishonest to put it in those terms.

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