I haven’t mentioned Katherine Jenerette in a bit…

Posted: May 18, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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but with that crowded primary it is important to see what an individual candidate says on the issues so here are a series of questions and answer to questions from a local paper the Charleston Post and Courier:

Q1) What do you think most separates you from your eight primary opponents? What sets you apart?

Answer: When you mix motherhood, a USC education with an army paratrooper and years of experience in Local State and Federal government in South Carolina you could end up with a Congressman who is more than just a pretty face in a skirt and high heels on C-span. That’s pretty different.

Q2) Specifically, what would be the first two or three things you would do in your first year in office, if elected?

Answer: The first two or three things I intend to do is a list of about two-dozen things starting with the Economy and Jobs and a lot in-between. I don’t have to tell the people what our problems are in South Carolina – they know it, we’re almost broke from too many taxes and a lot of people are plain scared of losing the jobs they have and the answer isn’t in Washington except to get the Federal government red-tape-bureaucracy as far away from small businesses and stop taxing peoples hard earned money.

Second, we have to get our National Security Agenda on track and that starts with securing our borders because if we can send unmanned aircraft drones thousands of miles away to take out targets in Afghanistan we can certainly build a fence along our border with Mexico. Arizona is on the right track and the Federal Governments policies on borders, visas and immigration is screwed up.

Third, I intend to reintroduce my fellow Congressman – especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi – to the U.S. Constitution, and I figure after a while even Pelosi will get tired of me whistling Dixie to her and learn something about us Carolina girls ability to stand our ground up-close and personal.

Q3) What do you consider your single most important experience that has prepared you to serve in Congress?

Answer: I’d say the single most important thing was my years as a U.S. Congressional Field Representative for the First District which gave me a ton of experiences about our needs and the needs of the average person in the district. That experience shaped my principles: As a congressman I won’t just be representing the right, left or either extreme or the people in the middle – I will represent all the people of my district and that includes the richest businessmen and it includes single-moms with kids who are trying to get them through school to educate them and the ordinary people like me who go to work and pay their taxes and wished their government wasn’t so dang big.

Government is supposed to be about people. I’ve always thought that the bigger the government, the smaller the individual – and that one small voice is always important, because when we lose that, we lose what the American dream is all about.

Q4) What do you feel has been the most overlooked issue in this campaign?

Answer: I think that when fifty percent of your jobs and working people are involved with the Tourism Economy which I call “Industry without Smoke Stacks’ I figure that issue should be up there on the list with the Ports of Georgetown and Charleston harbors. I felt that issue was overlooked and it needs to be part of the conversation – it only came up in the context of the Louisiana Oil Spill and like it on not, tourism is what we do best: Carolina Sun, Sand and Food and Charleston hospitality is who we are.

  1. I wish the paper asked her about her opinion regarding her state’s Governor, Mark Sanford.