I didn’t know Roxeanne De Luca was blogging at Camp of the Saints

Posted: May 18, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, personal
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but thank you most kindly for the good wishes for the day. In that spirit here is a flashback 41 years ago

Way back in 1969

What a difference a few decades makes.

As for the GA-4 trip that she is alluding to I’m hoping to leave by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I have a few details yet to work out yet. The funding is still a tad short. I’m still $830 away from my stated goal, but there are two options on this.

If you want to kick in for that trip, then by all means hit DaTipJar today and that will help me cover the expense.

If not I am planning something that I will be discussing in just under two weeks. If you want to hold out for that it is ok too. If you choose to hold out than consider my GA-4 coverage an advance to you on my part.

Update: You know you are getting old when you mess your Tip Jar Link. Fixed.

  1. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Oh, that’s you – it’s in the eyes. Wow! (Also, I can see the resemblance between you and your youngest in that one. :) )

    As for my guest-blogging gig: Mr. Belvedere, upon realising that Haemet has been on the fritz for several weeks, kindly offered me some space at TCOTS.

    Now, I think we should all take bets on how long it will take him to decide that TCOTS is too classy a place for the likes of me. I’m guessing that in a week, he’ll start asking if Haemet is back up; two weeks, daily hints; and, by summer, a “Whoops, so sorry that WordPress accidentally kicked you off TCOTS administration… wow we’ll have to get that fixed.” Anyone want to wager some Maker’s Mark on a different over/under?

  2. bobbelvedere says:

    1) Un compleanno molto felice, Pietro.

    2) Roxeanne: You lose. I’m worried that TCOTS is not classy enough for a gal of your refined sensibilities.