I’m likely the only conservative who doesn’t have a problem…

Posted: May 17, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

…with President Obama’s aunt staying.

You know I don’t care for or agree with the guy but he’s the president for crying out loud. I think he should have had to make a formal request, and pardon her for the violation, but either way what’s the point of being president if you can’t take care of your own family in a case like this?

Of course he should have handled this for his aunt as a Senator YEARS ago if he actually cared at all but there it is.

  1. Tina says:

    Agreed, and I’m glad to see it said. I think we should always pity a President for their relatives, and vice-versa. This is a non-story that the President ought to be able to handle as he wishes, including asking for her to be given permanent residency.

  2. roxeannedeluca says:

    Why doesn’t he move her into the White House? Michelle Obama’s mother is living there, and there’s plenty of space.

    Thing is, Obama can afford – in many ways – to help her. That he isn’t, and that he is throwing her at the mercy of Massachusetts immigration officials – is a huge problem.

  3. No. Hold on. All the suppossed talk, from those crazy whackos, was that he’s not American, he’s Kenyan, blah blah blah. And now people are all fine with his Kenyan family members, who are not US citizens and have out stayed their visas finally winning the long legal battle and being allowed to stay? If not, just pardon her and she stays anyways.

    A few things I’m opinionated to point out.

    1. If she was just some nobody, she’d have been deported a long time ago and no one would have cared.
    2. There was NO way that the President would have pardoned her, had she lost her appeal. He couldn’t, especially now when immigration is the hot topic now. Rush would have talking points for teh rest of the year.
    3. What’s next? Sounds to me like the opening for a Manchurian Candidate style conspiracy…Rush?
    4. As if a judge was not going to allow a relative of the President of the United States to remain in the country. Isn’t there a Supreme Court spot open? Let’s check back in a year and see if this judge is still on his current bench or a little higher up the chain.

  4. Roxeanne de Luca says:

    Hi, DaHospitalityGuy! :)

    As a quick note: immigration judges tend to be pretty low on the (federal) judicial food chain. IJ’s are not Article III judges (if my memory serves me correctly); they serve limited terms – i.e. no lifetime appointments, can have their salaries reduced at will, and don’t need to be approved by the Senate.

    It would be bizarre for this judge to be promoted to the Supreme Court, both because of the publicity and because of the lack of experience, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a federal district court appointment. Those tend to be very quiet and, while they are incredibly prestigious (compared to state court judicial slots) don’t really have the same “Thou shalt have graduated from Harvard or Yale Law” snobbery going.

    Absolutely agree that Auntie would have been deported back in 2004 had she been a nobody, but that was the year that Obama made his DNC speech, so… she stays.