PA-12 is out but GA-4 gets a slight boost $830 to go

Posted: May 14, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, elections, opinion/news
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As it is already Friday and there is only 4 days left before the Election in PA i’ve concluded that PA-12 will have to do without the presence of a Sicilian in a Fedora. Lucky for Tim Burns he had a much more popular visitor from Massachusetts and Robert Stacy provided the Fedora. Hopefully it will be enough.

Meanwhile My plans For Ga-4 have not yet fallen through. The contributor to Pa-12 agreed to apply his gift to Ga-4 putting me $830 away from my initial goal.

Well there is still a week to make up as much of that as I can. If you think some coverage in GA-4 would be worthwhile and would like to help me get there, hit DaTipJar and get me closer to the prize.

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