Just back from Watertown putting up a few Quick photos:

Waverly Ave: A typical street in Watertown 5-13-10

Just another street in Watertown

Just another house on the street

Until the FBI arrived

FBI approaching the house at 39 Waverly Avg 5-13-10

Lots of FBI

FBI vans in front of 39 Waverly avg Watertown

They spent the day entering and leaving the house

FBI entering 39 Waverly in Watertown

More photos to follow

UPDATE: More photos…

The FBI was shortly followed by the media:

media trucks lined the street

Lots of media

An on air reporter

From different networks

On air reporter on the run

They set up for broadcast

Preparing to go on air

And for Still photos

The media was everywhere:

The Media practically took over the neighborhood

As the neighborhood looked on

The people watch

As the spectacle:

Watching from the stoop

Unfolded around them:

Watching the festival of the press

Meanwhile at the house:

Side view of the house

Local police

Local police had nothing to say


press stike a pose

And FBI carried on

apart from a quick lunch break that is

FBI enter the public housing

things were quiet at the school

Watertown Middle school

And law enforcement carried on

The authorities at work

As did the neighborhood

Life goes on

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