Gov Patrick cancelles Fitchburg Appearence Times Square connection: Update Raids in NY & NY too?

Posted: May 13, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Better luck next time.

I was all ready to cover Governor Patrick’s scheduled appearance in Fitchburg at J & R Glass on water street to talk about healthcare and it’s effect on small business. Had my photos of the place, photos of the sign “Welcome Governor Patrick” and the lot.

Employees talked about cleaning up the place and getting it all ready on short notice, tables were set up with pads and papers ready to begin, when the word suddenly came that the Governor had to cancel due to two arrests connected with the Times Square bombing.

Presume the governor is heading back to Boston to be ready to give a statement. Local stations are reporting searches in Watertown and Brookline.

Apparently after the arrest at 39 Waverly Street in Watertown Mass police raided two gas stations in Brookline. The two gas stations that are being searched are owned by a fellow named Elias Ali Audi (can’t vouch for the spelling) and is active and well liked in the community. A car registered to the Waverly Street location was found at one of the stations. Mr Ali apparently has a lot of family working at both locations but there is no word if he or is family is connected in the search or if the person taken into custody simply did business in these locations, although a neighbor at the Watertown location said there was always both a large quantity of men going in and out of the house and they were constantly working on cars.

Although one can’t assume any connection to Mr. Ali’s family the fact that both stations are being searched rather than simply the one where the car in particular was found might be significant.

Apparently the people were arrested for “immigration violations” no word on if LA will choose to boycott Massachusetts over these arrests.

All of this info is very preliminary at this time. I’ll give you more info as I get it.

Update: While I was waiting at the glass place the Jammie Wearing Fool was blogging it

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