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I took it very ill at the short that Mika took at the Pope this morning but after seeing this story at the memeorandum I am even more upset:

“Today we see in a truly terrifying way that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from outside enemies, but is born of sin within the Church,” the pontiff told reporters on a plane bound for Portugal.

His comments were his most direct response to press questions, and some of his strongest words yet on the abuse scandal, says the BBC’s Vatican Correspondent, who is travelling with the Pope.

Benedict said the Church has “a very deep need” to acknowledge that it must do penance for its sins and “accept purification”.

However, he added that forgiveness should not be a substitute for justice.

MSNBC portrayed the pope’s remarks saying that the scandal represents the greatest persecution of the church but didn’t mention the rest of the quote saying that its origin is from within, that is: the scandal.

I very much hope that Mika was not aware of the rest of the quote and is a question of a producer giving her incomplete information. If she was aware and she is not ashamed as a journalist she ought to be.

as Robert Stacy Reports:

On Saturday, May 15th, buses will depart from the Capitol Hill Club at 8:00 am for a day trip to Pennsylvania. Transportation and meals will be provided. We will spend the afternoon in the district knocking on doors reminding voters to come out and vote for Tim Burns in this pivotal PA-12 special election.

DaCar was just dropped off at the garage to be checked. I’m still $390 away from affording to go and as a conservative if I don’t have the funds I just can’t justify the trip. Maybe If I do raise the funds I’ll go on Friday to check out the Saturday event. If you are interested in getting me there DaTipJar is right here.

If you are not all that interested in Pa-12 there is still my proposed GA-4 trip, ($880 shy there).

In the end you decide if the Fedora Travels or not. If neither trip is to your liking then we can talk more during during June’s Andrew Sullivan days.

Even funnier than the headline are the reasons that the organizers give for dropping them:

Andrew Chavez, a professional petition circulator involved in one of the efforts, said its backers pulled the plug after concluding they might not be able to time their petition filings in such a way as to put the law on hold pending a 2012 public vote.

Jon Garrido, the chief organizer of the other drive, attributed its end to a belief that the law would have been subject to legal protections under Arizona’s Constitution if approved by Arizona voters.

The actual reason. People in Arizona support the law by 70% and throughout the country by 60%. Plus you have stuff like this going on. They would not only lose, they would lose spectacularly!

When you have the Suns trying to remove fans who disagree with their political views these guys are getting nervous.

The last thing they need is to show just how little support they actually have.

…still no comment on that NY law nor the state trying to duck and dodge their own issues in that regard.

Mika Mika Mika I expect better from you. Perhaps she needs this quote from Katherine Lopez via Fr. Z

While MSNBC waits for the pope’s resignation, he, every day, leads a renewal. In our hearts and in the structure of the Church. I think even the New York Times realizes it. It’s why they grasp at old stories, trying to obscure what’s happening now. And even as they do that, they have to admit, as they recently did, that “there are indications that Benedict had a lower tolerance for sexual misconduct by elite clergy members than other top Vatican officials.”

Reading the statement on the Legion out of the Vatican, I’d conclude no tolerance. If it hadn’t been firm and had teeth, frankly, it would have been a bigger news story. The fact is that Benedict is a leader of renewal, a solution to the problem. He has been and continues to be. And that’s why, while trying to do the opposite, the “Paper of Record” couldn’t help but admit it. At a paper that has a libertine interest in the collapse of the institution that offers something radically countercultural, that has to be bad news. But it’s the news all the same, thanks be to God, working, in part, through our Holy Father today.

If she won’t listen to KJL maybe she will listen to that Catholic Fanatic Ed Koch.

As for the Pope is a big man he likely agrees with Dorothy Day that he can endure anything between two (receptions) of the Eucharist.