Mother Jones made me laugh…

Posted: May 11, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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with this article concerning Elena Kagan:

Gossiping about the sexuality of Washington powerbrokers has become sort of a national pastime. But the stakes—and the vitriol—seem to go up substantially when powerful women crash the beltway frat party. And while Sullivan might think that sexual orientation has become as bland a biographical detail as Jewishness, the unfortunate truth is that, unlike him, most of those suggesting Kagan has something to hide aren’t rooting for her to come out so she can advance the cause of gay rights. They just want to knock a powerful woman down a few notches.

I have not nor do I suggest that Elena Kagan’s sexuality disqualifies her for the high court, nor should it. Yet Mother Jones suggests that to be a Lesbian is a slur. Why is that? How is the suggestion that Kagan is a lesbian directing hate to her? I think the very suggestion is a great example of two things.

The first being projection, Mother Jones’ Stephanie Memcimer is quick to play the “homophobia” card but she is the one suggesting Lesbianism is a slur, something to be denied. I guess Cynthia is right when she talks about the left’s true feelings about homosexuals.

The second being the suggestion that the White house plan is to duck the issue until it can be framed as Mother Jones just did. That way it can be the story of: Evil Right Wingers pushing the Kagan’s sexuality as an issue, as opposed to a celebration of the first Lesbian justice. This will give the media a reason to celebrate the diversity without having brought it up themselves first being forced into it. The White House’s cunning plan that I mentioned in play?

Sounds like don’t ask don’t tell to me, but it can’t be because we know Kagan opposes it.

Even funnier than that is this line that really takes the cake:

Just ask John Edwards how hard it is to keep secret relationships secret in the era of 24/7 celebrity coverage.

Is she serious? Does she not recall the successful efforts of the media to totally ignore and deny the John Edwards story until there was no chance of him getting the nomination? This is supposed to be a professional journalist who I am to give credence to? Ha!

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