I was re-watching: The Eleventh Hour when something hit me…

Posted: May 8, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who, hobbies, oddities
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…the reason why I enjoyed this episode so much, I mean in addition to the fact that Matt Smith makes a simply wonderful Doctor who unlike the 9th and 10th is not constantly tortured in the way he looks at things.

What made the episode special is the Doctor dealing with young Amelia Pond.

After these scenes with young Amelia the Doctor is getting ready to leave

With glee she runs to her room, packs a bag and waits for his return.

Since 1963 little kids have dreamed of having the doctor land in their yard and visit them. They have imagined that the doctor would take them away in the TARDIS to see all of time and space. Millions upon millions of Britons and people from the Commonwealth have dreamt those dreams.

And in that moment watching that scene they smiled and ever so briefly imagined that they were kids again and it was them sitting waiting to go.

I must admit I imagined it too.

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