Boston chooses the 300 over the 10,000

Posted: May 6, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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Boston has taken sides in the Arizona law dispute:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, joining the City Council in registering strong objections to the tough new immigration laws in Arizona, said yesterday that he will consider canceling city contracts with firms based in the state that agree with the crackdown.

As the City Council passed a resolution urging that Boston cut business ties with Arizona, Menino said it was important to send “a message’’ that the city disagrees with that state’s response to illegal immigration.

Apparently the Boston city counsel’s parents should have considered home schooling since they believe 30% is greater than 60%. Michael Graham today on his radio show proposed a boycott of Boston by people who disagree with this position. As Graham and Company were part of the 10,000 in Boston on Wednesday April 14 while the open borders crowd could only muster 300 last Saturday Afternoon I suspect that although it might gain votes in the city proper it will risk a lot more dollars to the city coffers.

Hey if they want to be with the 300 vs the 10,000 hey the city voted for these people and as always they get the government they deserve.

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