Yes this is another DaTipJar post/update GA-4 $880 to Go, Pa-12 $440 $390 to Go

Posted: May 5, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire
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First of all thanks to everyone who checked out my examiner articles it’s makes a different and covers a bill or two.

Second I’m no longer going to be keeping the running totals at the top of the blog, I’m just going to put up say 3 posts a week like this one to let you know what’s happening on the Pa-12, Ga-4 front. So here goes…

On the Pa-12 front I have seen absolutely no interest from people. In terms of contributions I’ve picked up nearly…nearly 1. So I am still $440 away from spending my birthday watching Tim Burns win in Pa. UPDATE $390 to go now He sure will with ads like this:

If you think Stacy & Roxeanne are right hit DaTipJar and help get me down there. Maybe I can even talk Roxeanne into coming too. (specify Pa-12 in comments). The clock is really ticking fast on this one. For every extra $150 over the amount over the $440 I’ll stay an extra day (Roxeanne permitting).

As for the Atlanta trip. My pal Vinnie has offered to put me up so lets call that worth $250. That leaves me $880 to go, the one problem is the closer I get to the travel date the more the price can change. If you want to kick in toward that one again hit DaTipJar and put Ga-4 in comments.

I’ll put up about 3 of these updates a week for now. On June 1st I’m going to go all out to find out just how much I’m worth compared to Andrew Sullivan. Stay tuned.

Update: The Call for help in Pa-12 is sounded by Robert Stacy, can you help me get there to see it?

  1. My time is very limited – I get out of work around 5 or so on Friday and would have to be back, at the very latest, at noon on Sunday. I might also try to fit a side trip to VA in there… but I could certainly ruckus with you while down there (and hope that McCain gets his act together and fixes me up with Burns).

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