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On Morning Joe today the Politico mentioned the latest polling concerning the Arizona law and reported the “counter-intuitive” results that supporting this law is a big win for pols.

New polling indicates broad public support for the measure and illustrates the peril embattled Democrats could face this November over the issue.

In the South and Midwest, where some of the most competitive congressional races will be fought, popular sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of the controversial new law

You mean to say the 10,000 is greater than the 300? Who knew!

If all you watch is MSNBC, (and that’s all I watch from 6-9) then you would think that although the federal government has dropped the ball to some degree, this law is the is the greatest border outrage since German Troops crossed into the Rhineland.

Apparently the American Public disagrees and a choice has to be made:

It represents yet another issue on which they’ll be forced to decide between their liberal base and national leadership, who are outraged over what they view as a draconian law, and equally angry constituents who want to crack down on illegal immigrants.

The media was left out of the democratic base here but that’s ok. The result will be the same.

10,000 or 300 make your pick.

This is the tweet of the day

The New NBA admission Plan!

I think it would be a lot of fun if 10,000 people showed up at each NBA game trying this.

Attending the NBA games for free. It’s a human right!

Update: Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Minuteman project decided to try to get into tonight’s game without tickets as a protest? I gave them a call to suggest it.

Update 2 Instalanche. Hi folks, take a peek around. See the comment of the minutemen about this subject. Check out an example of a despicable bit of reporting by Norah O’Donnel, check out my examiner articles, Finally any help to get me to Ga-4 & Pa-12 to cover those races is welcome. Oh forgot my Mayday coverage too, lots of interviews before and after that post.

Update 3: CNN demonstrates why this is a Niche market move for the Suns and the NBA

Update 4: Hey PJTV picked this post as the blog of the week! All I need is them to highlight this post and maybe I can get to PA-12 and try to earn another one.

The Phoenix Suns have decided they have a niche market and want to support it.

The Phoenix Suns on Tuesday announced that they will be wearing an alternative jersey identifying them as “Los Suns” during Wednesday’s playoff game to voice the team’s disapproval for Arizona’s tough new immigration law.

The League seems to be standing behind this and of course the media is drooling all over them.

I’m all for it myself, if the League in General and the Suns in particular wants to alienate a segment of their potential market and not allows Sports to be an escape that’s just fine. As I’ve mentioned before you can make a good living off a niche market. I would remind them of my favorite clip from this movie starting at 5:48 to 6:08

If the NBA & the Suns believe their customers are Mercado muy especializado that’s fine. I would have thought in a rough economy you would want to grab from a different niche say from the 10,000 instead of the 300 but hey it’s their call. If TBS wants their sports coverage and the advertisers want to be associated with a cause opposed by 60% of the country then that fine too.

That’s how business works. It’s their business and they can run it any way they want.