NBA No Borders Allowed

Posted: May 5, 2010 by datechguy in business, internet/free speech
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The Phoenix Suns have decided they have a niche market and want to support it.

The Phoenix Suns on Tuesday announced that they will be wearing an alternative jersey identifying them as “Los Suns” during Wednesday’s playoff game to voice the team’s disapproval for Arizona’s tough new immigration law.

The League seems to be standing behind this and of course the media is drooling all over them.

I’m all for it myself, if the League in General and the Suns in particular wants to alienate a segment of their potential market and not allows Sports to be an escape that’s just fine. As I’ve mentioned before you can make a good living off a niche market. I would remind them of my favorite clip from this movie starting at 5:48 to 6:08

If the NBA & the Suns believe their customers are Mercado muy especializado that’s fine. I would have thought in a rough economy you would want to grab from a different niche say from the 10,000 instead of the 300 but hey it’s their call. If TBS wants their sports coverage and the advertisers want to be associated with a cause opposed by 60% of the country then that fine too.

That’s how business works. It’s their business and they can run it any way they want.

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