Free NBA admission for all!

Posted: May 5, 2010 by datechguy in business, opinion/news
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This is the tweet of the day

The New NBA admission Plan!

I think it would be a lot of fun if 10,000 people showed up at each NBA game trying this.

Attending the NBA games for free. It’s a human right!

Update: Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Minuteman project decided to try to get into tonight’s game without tickets as a protest? I gave them a call to suggest it.

Update 2 Instalanche. Hi folks, take a peek around. See the comment of the minutemen about this subject. Check out an example of a despicable bit of reporting by Norah O’Donnel, check out my examiner articles, Finally any help to get me to Ga-4 & Pa-12 to cover those races is welcome. Oh forgot my Mayday coverage too, lots of interviews before and after that post.

Update 3: CNN demonstrates why this is a Niche market move for the Suns and the NBA

Update 4: Hey PJTV picked this post as the blog of the week! All I need is them to highlight this post and maybe I can get to PA-12 and try to earn another one.

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  2. Seerak says:

    The analogy doesn’t work. The arena is private property, while a nation isn’t — a government has jurisdiction over an area, that is not the same as owning it.

    Unless it’s a Marxist government, of course.

  3. kcom says:

    Don’t forget to give them free refreshments, too. Wouldn’t want to deny them “services” based on their “status”. And don’t you dare ask to see their ticket if you find them sitting in your seat. That would be wrong.

  4. Jim says:

    Nice idea, but it’s not enough:

    [1] The Suns will not ask who has tickets and who does not. That would be discrimination. Anyone who shows up gets in, no questions asked.

    [2] This goes for seating, too. If you want to sit in the front row, go right ahead. It’s no one’s business what your ticket (if any) says.

    [3] Basketball is a long game, and sustenance is a basic human right. If you get hungry or thirsty, and are lacking in funds that day, you will be given free food and drink. The bill will be paid by the season ticket holders.

  5. Tom says:

    “The analogy doesn’t work. ”

    It works insofar as it demonstrates that this is not a “human rights” issue, but merely an administrative one: The set of humans who claim a piece of property get to decide which other humans may be on that property. The Suns have sovereignty over their arena; Americans have sovereignty over America.

  6. Billy says:

    Not quite:

    [1] The US asks for passports to enter the country, so it is not hypocritical to ask for tickets to enter the arena. At most, the Suns might relax their security at back entrances to be consistent with our present situation, although I do not believe the law does anything to tighten border security.

    [2] People aren’t allowed to trespass onto someone else’s property (particularly a mansion), so why would it be hypocritical for security to ask you to move out of the seat? Perhaps, the better analogy would be that when you are asked to exit your seat, security can’t kick you out of the arena if they discover you don’t have a ticket and snuck in illegally.

    [3] Please tell me how food and drink (or which services) are guaranteed to illegal aliens as a basic human right and how this bill changes that.

    [4] Here’s a different analogy. To be consistent with the Suns’ protest of the bill, security should refrain from walking around asking hispanic people for their tickets, putting those without tickets in detention centers, and then forcibly removing them from the arena. Oh wait, they’ve never done that.

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  8. astonerii says:

    Undocumented Fans! I love it. They could bring old tickets and flags for teams not on the field of play. Perhaps they could also make fake jerseys taking the numbers of actual players and applying their own names.

  9. Billy says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful response, so here’s mine:

    #1: Not sure who “they” are? I haven’t seen people advocating for pure open borders, but rather concerned about humane treatment of illegal aliens and the effect this law will have on all people.

    #2: Are you suggesting that the Suns are advocating for the abandonment of the law of trespass? The issue is being in the country illegally, not whether an illegal alien is trespassing (or did trespass) on private property. I did grant that to be consistent, they couldn’t eject someone who committed the minor infraction of “trespass” by taking another person’s seat.

    #3: I was responding to Jim’s #3.

    #4: Thanks for the link. I grant you that the law is facially neutral, but would you argue that it will have a discriminatory impact on hispanics? How many non-hispanic people do you think the police will stop based on probable cause that they are undocumented citizens of Canada or another country? And lets say they stop as many or more non-hispanics, that begins to sound awfully like a police state.

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  12. Jim says:

    Illegal aliens are a net drain on taxpayer resources and run up very large costs paid for by others. Here in MA you can get welfare, subsidized housing, etc., and the State is barred from asking you for proof of citizenship. Hence it is a perfect analogy for the Suns to give out free food and drink to anyone who shows up without a wallet, and send the bill to the season ticket holders.

    “security should refrain from walking around asking hispanic people for their tickets”

    This is just sad. The law expressly bars harassment of people based on their race; the law expressly states that cops cannot just “go around asking” for anything. Not good enough for some people, apparently. For them, the only good immigration laws are no immigration laws.

  13. RT says:

    Or, the could let everyone who sneeked in stay, but they have to stay after the game and clean the restrooms for less than minimum wage.

  14. c says:

    >Or, the could let everyone who sneeked in stay, but they have to stay after the game and clean the restrooms for less than minimum wage.

    Which would take jobs away from the people working for better than minimum wage. None of these comebacks are working for you guys. It’s called rule of law. You’re up against it.

  15. […] to see if they will advocate for Free NBA admission for all, and a rule prohibiting kicking out people who sneak in. I also haven’t heard back from the Sun’s publicity people […]

  16. previous suns fan says:

    why would anyone want to go to a suns game now anyway? after they stopped supporting the CITIZENS of their state the suns suck!

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