Voices from the Mayday March: Young Michael

Posted: May 2, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news, short films/interviews, special events
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Today I’ll be posting a series of interviews etc with people at the MayDay March.

As a rule these are going to be people who I strongly disagree with, however I’ve given them the same forum that I give people that I agree with. I’ve been criticized by the left for not challenging the people from the right that I interview, if you have that same reaction from the other side consider.

I’m wasn’t there to try to change minds, I was there to report what I saw. I think their arguments make the case against them better than almost anything I would say and some of them are horrifically misinformed.

But all did the courtesy of giving me their time on Camera not knowing me, so I am returning said courtesy by letting them make their case unimpeded. Feel free to make the case against in comments (I may make one or two) or via a link on your blog.

I figure our case is strong enough to withstand the other side.

I want to give credit to Michael. After the camera was off I asked him a tough question concerning abortion. Namely this: “If it is determined that being gay is genetic and a parent found their child if born would be gay, would it be wrong to for them to have an abortion?”

He said: “It would be morally wrong but they would still have the right.”, “Just because something is a right doesn’t mean that it can’t be abused.” I thought it was a very good answer. I think the kid is smart enough that it will cause him to think about that question in the future. He has a lot of potential and has a mind worth changing.

  1. As always when it comes to kids good for him just think of all the kid things he wasn’t doing on a Saturday.

    Like I say in the other videos before. He says what he hears on television, just not on that FOXy channel.