Is it time to panic? I’ll find out tomorrow

Posted: May 2, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, employment, personal
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Just called in my unemployment and was informed I had no more weeks left. This seems to contradict what I was told back in January. Monday I will be running to the unemployment office to find out for sure. If this turns out to be correct then to say I’m in huge trouble is an understatement. I’ll cut what I can from the budget (there isn’t much left to cut) but from this point we start burning savings and selling off stuff.

The examiner gig so far has paid about $30 a week based on hits. That leaves $510 weekly to try to make up for Unemployment or $770 to make up from my old pay.

I’ll of course keep up my various plans that I’m trying to put into place but unless anyone is dying to hire a blogger/writer at once it’s pretty much going to be come hermit time or massive telethon time a-la Andrew Sullivan before he got his Atlantic gig. And of course anything I can grab I will but I don’t know how much George Bailey I have in me.

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