I met Imad at the Tea Party rally, he and his crew were filming people. In my opinion he was asking a few rather leading questions but he is a nice enough fellow and was kind enough to send me a copy of his work as I requested today.

Take a look at fruits of his efforts:

Take a look at the edits and the presentation. Do you wonder what was left on the floor? What other interviews he left out. Were there people who made a better case that he didn’t decide to present?

Now compare this to my interview of Chris Gonzalez today at the Boston Immigration March/Rally on Mayday today:

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you know I think Chris’ opinion is nonsense, but rather than attempting to make him look the fool I play my entire interview with him, not editing it or trying to trap him, simply letting him give his opinion and allowing the listeners to make up their own minds.

Chris may not like my opinion or what I have to say concerning his but when he sees this post and the video on YouTube he can not honestly say that his opinion was either misrepresented or altered in any way. It stands or falls on its own two feet.

Imad is a grown man and I as I’ve said a nice fellow but given his presentation I see no reason why any conservative should give him the courtesy of granting him an interview until he returns that same courtesy by respecting those people he talks to.

After all as one of Her Majesty’s subjects should know, to do otherwise just wouldn’t be Cricket!

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