About that “Israel is an apartheid state” nonsense

Posted: April 30, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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that John Mearsheimer et/all keep making. This whole argument ignores that Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza strip, Saudi Arabia and the areas et/all are practically Judenrein.

How is it that Israel is an Apartheid state when Arabs serve in parliament, have the vote, have the protection of the law and have more rights than Arabs in any of the areas that I’ve just listed?

Even more importantly: How does a “reputable” scholar make such an argument with a straight face?

I’ll tell you something. As you know My D-Day is getting closer and closer and between DaTipJar, Have Fedora will Travel, The Ga-4 trip idea, and the Dinner With DaTechGuy stuff, I haven’t closed the gap that will come when week 99 hits.

I’d bet you real money that if I was willing to flip on Israel I’d be amazed at the opportunities that might suddenly arise in the field of writing, blogging and commentary. It wouldn’t shock me if the tip jar was regularly filled and the financial pressures upon me and mine were slowly relieved.

All I would have to do is forget, and rationalize a few basic facts…

…I think not.

Via Glenn who has a day job and wouldn’t change on Israel if he didn’t.

  1. It wouldn’t matter either way whatever your views were.