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I haven’t had much time for fun lately, I’ve missed game night more than I’ve made it. I haven’t played Civ IV in I don’t remember how long, I’ve got 5 different books I have to finish and review.

So tweaking Charles Johnson is about as far down my list of things to do as you can get, but Tim Blair either has his time organized better or has less to do because he took a trip down memory lane yesterday to remind Mr. Johnson of his own past:

Born-again leftoid Charles Johnson denounces the “tidal wave of right wing nuttiness directed at Barack Obama”. Fair enough, in several cases; that birther obsession, for one, is downright crazy. But it’s a little rich for flippy Charlie to rail against “Obama Derangement Syndrome” when for several recent years Johnson himself was a serious sufferer. Following are a few items by Charles on Obama, all posted before Obama had even won the Democrat nomination to run for President

Even better than the list is the point he makes in updates:

From the right? Son, check your own sources in all the links below. You cited the New York Times, the Associated Press, Andrew Sullivan, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, among others, and used these as evidence of Obama’s unfitness for office. You weren’t running right-wing talking points. You were attempting to generate them.

That sure sounds familiar:

It’s very interesting but it would appear that from the time that Media matters backed Charles in his dispute with Beck Charles hasn’t had a tagged post going after media matters for anything. Nor the Daily Kos for that matter, and only one tagged moonbats. (it was a good one)

And no tagged post hitting Media Matters Godfather George Soros for over a year.

He once talked about the six degrees of George Soros, and now it’s only one.

It’s rather amazing that for all that time these guys haven’t don’t anything weird enough for Charles to post and illustrate, and even the one moonbat post concerns stuff done in years past.

Have they suddenly become all sane? Have they all suddenly decided to support the troops? Have they all suddenly decided to support Israel?

Change we can believe it! Well Charles believes it anyways.

BTW is it too late to say that Robert Stacy won their fight hands down?

Credit where credit it due though, he was on the right side of the South Park issue so perhaps there is still hope.

I talked to Jacob directly after the Monday meeting of the Twin City Tea Party:

I’ll be putting up a full post on the event later in the day.

Mayor of Jerusalem on Morning Joe

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Interesting they have the mayor of Jerusalem on Morning Joe right now but they have also brought Fred Kempe to apparently “counterbalance” him.

Anyone who is talking about 1967 borders is not someone to be taken seriously.

Kempe and Pat are doubling teaming him, this guy doesn’t shake.

The Arab rights stuff is very funny when Arabs are treated better within Israel than in the Arab world while Arab areas are Judenrein. Why is that question never asked on these shows?

Morning Joe is taking the other side of the story today.

Pat Buchanan is mentions the Mexican government’s laws against illegal immigration in passing

Joe and Mika mention the Rasmussen Poll.

They hit Mexico’s response of a travel warning.

They still hit the bill but they are giving the other side, but God bless em they are committing journalism!