I hate to repeat myself on the “birther” issue but since it has come up again…

Posted: April 23, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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…lets review what I’ve said before because this stuff doesn’t deserve the posts it is generating.

#1. It is my opinion that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii as stated. I believe it is true for several reasons:

a..The Birth announcement in the papers circa 61

a1…The times when the birth announcement took place. At that time it would not be considered a popular thing to announce a mixed race birth in the paper. It would have given grief.

b…Traveling. Young Mr. Obama would have still needed a passport and a birth record would have been necessary.

c…The Clintons. 2008 was the best chance for the Clintons to regain the White House. It would take a willing suspension of disbelief to think the Clinton machine would not use such a fact to save that election win to the end. Particularly since the race card was going to played against them anyways.

d…Some of the people pushing this (such as Phillip Berg) have histories of pushing other conspiracy theories for profit.

e…Presuming that he was being groomed for this position for a while, it would have been just as easy to groom someone else. Sorry folks he’s just not that special.

Nevertheless I also believe that the White House is purposely not releasing the final document. Why?

a. Because this focuses attention on a matter that can be disproved at a time of maximum advantage.

b. Because it can be used as a weapon against their foes on a regular basis to discredit them

c. Because every moment spent fighting this is a moment spent not highlighting his failed policies.

As long as it is to their advantage to do so they will play it to the hilt. And per reason 1d above if the conspiracy people think that the administration will withhold the info for their advantage they can keep pushing it KNOWING that it won’t be challenged.

Now there is, in my opinion, other stuff that this administration is hiding to keep this president from embarrassment at least till after 2012. I know those actions can raise questions, but that suspicion raised is not reasonable enough to justify the conclusions drawn.

It’s a free country and there are people I like who believe this, but I submit that you are wrong about it and your attention to this only aids the cause against you. Please Please PLEASE read seeing the unseen ASAP

  1. Emkay says:

    But, but, but – how did he travel to Pakistan at a time when those holding American passports were forbidden to do so? O.K., maybe he’s not hiding foreign birth – maybe he’s hiding a different father …or, later, renounced citizenship or Muslim identity from his Indonesian days or bad grades or seditious opinions, and any of a dozen other factors on which he has been far from transparent.

  2. Lets just say the birther conspiracy is proven true. Then what? We get a President Biden and Vice President Pelosi.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have Obama, then have Pelosi next in line.

  3. Cousin Sam says:

    So, lets say Biden is reasonably competent, backs off from Obama’s extremist policies, then he, or Hillary, probably gets elected in ’12? No, we’re far better off with Obama digging his party into a deeper and deeper hole for the next couple years, preferably while hamstrung with a Republican majority in one or both houses to limit the damage.

    The fact is that there is no outcome to the birthers’ quest whether success, failure, or stalemate, that does not help the Left and hurt the Right. The longer they go on, the louder they get, the more damage they do to the side they claim to be on, the wider Obama’s smug grin gets when he hears them.

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