Examiner Article: It’s all about Respect 

Posted: April 22, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, internet/free speech, tea parties
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As D-Day continues to close in and the job cupboard remains bare I continue to look for any way to augment my income before unemployment disappears.

In that vein I’ve written what is (at least for now) my first Examiner article on the subject of Boston area tea parties:

They didn’t look very dangerous to me.

On April 18th Bill Clinton suggested the tea parties “create a climate” that makes a Tim McVeigh more likely to act.

Yet four days earlier the atmosphere on the Boston Common was festive not angry. People had come from all over the state and beyond as they united in making their point about taxes, spending and government responsibility.

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After all it doesn’t look like this guy is going to:

…good sport though he is.

I know it’s a very bad video, should have interviewed him in the lighted tent.

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    Spoken like a true Catholic.