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I know I’m just a fat man in a Fedora…

Posted: April 21, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…but wasn’t the whole idea of the bailouts to make banks etc solvent so they could make profits?

If a business makes profits they can hire workers. If they hire workers these people get paid, if they get paid they spend money and pay taxes.

If I’m not mistaken these are good things.

I didn’t agree with the bank bailouts nor how they were done, but if they were going to be done I presume this the above is the goal. If it was not then what was the point?

A few years ago I talked to a young lady who was in college, very nice girl. She was talked about her degree program she was studying finance, and was ridden quite a bit because she was not going into a field that “helped” people, the enviousness etc…I reminded her that she was in fact doing so. If she did her job properly, people could retire, go to college and have investment to make a business. It was those profits that allowed so much good.

None of this is possible without profit, the day we consider it a dirty word is the day we begin our final decline.

…but did I just hear somebody (Sam Stein) on Morning Joe suggest that the media gave Barack Obama scrutiny when the reverend Wright stuff came out? Somehow nobody bothered to call him on it.

I’m sure I must still be dreaming and when I wake up the young fellow to Pat’s left who’s face I don’t recognize is going to take that back.

The context is Rubio’s use of a GOP credit card and the media is running whole hog on it in the hopes of dropping him but let me give you a clue, ain’t gonna happen. If Marco wasn’t winning in a walk we wouldn’t be seeing this period.

I’ll say it bluntly VOTE RUBIO!