At what point will the media actually decide…

Posted: April 21, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?

The groups were protesting don’t ask don’t tell (I’ve given my opinion on it here) but if they haven’t figured out that President Obama used them for suckers then they haven’t figured out anything.

The idea that an administration would close a public park to the public and the press to keep video off the air of a protest is disgraceful and disgusting. As a citizen I am shocked.

More importantly I’m not seeing this reported on Morning Joe today. If the media is not willing to report on this and call it the travesty it is then you’d better send me that $800 a week plus travel because you will need someone who will.

Forgetting the fact that the democratic majority could have repealed Don’t ask don’t tell from 2006 on. How do people justify supporting someone who does this? Do they have so much invested in him that they don’t care call him on it? Or is it like a cult when you have to actually have a personal shock so great that you can be pulled from it?

Via Sissy Willis who was a great addition to my follower list on twitter.

Exit question: If this president is willing to do this publicly what is he doing privately to suppress dissent?

Update: Just a reminder: “Let Him Speak”

Quite a contrast.

Update: Another Instalanche, Glenn is spoiling me, thanks for stopping by. The anchoress was kind enough to point me to a couple of other videos showing how President Bush handled heckling. And one of Bill Clinton too, yet she didn’t link to herself. She deserves a visit just for that. As a matter of fact instead of promoting my blog on this one Let me point you to a few places that you should try. The Lonely conservative, Little Miss Attila, The Camp of the Saints (Particularly if you like cheesecake), The Reaganite Republican, Cynthia Yockey, No Sheeples here (particularly if you like photoshops), Adrienne’s Corner, The American Glob, Barbara Espiinosa, Peg who did a noble deed for my sake, and of course my friend Robert Stacy McCain.

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  2. Stoutcat says:

    The mainstream media are sheep. Or in this case, pigeons to be shooed out of a public park. Or, as I make the case here, squirrels.

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  4. Tulsa Jack says:

    We know the totalitarian labels. They all fit Obama, because that’s who he is: an arrogant, sneering, wanna-be dictator. He’s so good at insulting everyone who sees through him that we reserve the right to insult him back.

    The one thing this poisonous toad forgets is that he’s in America now, not Kenya or Jakarta, and that Americans aren’t such stupid pushovers as the peasants he comes from. Except for the dolts in Big Gov’mint, Big Media, Big Unions, and Big Academia, who don’t represent the people. We’re the majority, Barry. You don’t fool us, and we’re coming for you in November.

  5. bobbelvedere says:

    Thanks very much, Pete.

  6. Mona says:

    I wonder if that man who was so “ashamed” of Bush, and who wanted “apologies” for the wiretapping is now “ashamed” of Obama and wants an “apology” from him.

    He sneers at Bush that he wants to see some “humility” from him; Bush had the humility to stand there and listen to his numbskull, Democratic Underground parroting. Does anyone think Obama would do it?

    I’d forgotten that clip. Thanks for reminding me.

    The left projected all of its own totalitarian-regime garbage on to Bush. Now there is a REAL jerk in the WH who is not remotely interested in what the people think. And the left and the press protect him.

    And that’s why we’re in such a mess. In a nutshell.

  7. Thanks for the linky love. I just returned the favor. (Sorry, no Instalanche! I’ve only had one)

  8. Peg says:

    Oh, Pete – all I did was help a nice guy when someone else was bullying him. Aren’t we all supposed to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves?

    In any case – thank you for sharing your “Instalanche” with me! :)

  9. DANEgerus says:

    I just want to know if the 3 bi-sexuals from the disbarred Gay World Series 2nd place team were there in support of their fellows to prove they really are Gay enough.

  10. Akatsukami says:

    The mainline media know that Barry Dunham is nothing but a puppet whose arms wave and whose voice squeaks only if some has a hand up his butt.

    The problem is, saying so would be tantamount to admitting, “We’re somewhere between idiots and scum for being in the tank for this empty suit in 2008 and 2009”. They can’t bring themselves to do that.

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