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I met Jeff McQueen at the Scott Brown Victory Party and was pleased to see him both in Boston and in Washington.

His second American revolution flag has sold very well.

…non catholic millionaires help fund them:

“I’m not Catholic,” says Grauer. “I grew up in a household that was Presbyterian and Episcopalian. My mother was one and my father was the other. I don’t really remember who was which. I went to Sunday school at both places, but these days I don’t spend a lot of time in church, I’m ashamed to say.”

“But,” Grauer quickly adds, “what I care about is the kids. I want to make sure they have an opportunity to get a good education. I believe that the delivery mechanism in Catholic schools is really good. It equips these kids to ultimately go on to higher education and become productive citizens—maybe even work for Bloomberg. I don’t think too much about whether a school or a donor or a student is Catholic or non-Catholic. I just think about rallying the troops to raise as much money as we can to make sure these kids have a decent opportunity.”

Catholic education is a lot more expensive than it used to be, when my older brothers and sisters when to St. Anthony’s more than half of the teachers were nuns. When I went there were only 3 nuns left. When my sons when there were no classes were taught by nuns. That means lay teachers who have to make a lay living.

Via the Corner as they say read the whole thing.

Monique like Wendy came down from Maine to attend the Boston Tea Party:

Yet another one of those extremists that Joan Walsh is so worried about:

I’d suggest she get out and interview some of these folks herself, but I wouldn’t want her to get the vapors.