The Tea Party Express: We can hear them now!

Posted: April 17, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, special events, tea parties
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For thousands of miles they rode. Some had not seen family for weeks.

A stop on the road

As the bus drove on you could see the wear of days on the road, in and out of hotels, and multiple performances a day without even time on occasion to clean their clothes.

Voices were sore bodies were bruised and times to relax seemed few

Keeping spirits up

and far between but they went on, pausing at rest stops and convenience stores to grab something quick to drink or eat. They knew that there was still one more event to do, but it was the last event.

A little song

They had covered the length and breath of the land to unite and inspire people with their message and they had succeeded. Tens of thousands had heard them, clapped with them, cheered them giving them the energy to draw on when it seemed

A Bit tired

that there wasn’t another speech, song or dance inside of them.

It was not without opposition. In Nevada opponents had held signs trying to misdirect traffic away from their rally. In Boston a young man had tossed eggs at the bus and the performers only to be run down by Boston Police who were ready and willing to charge him. Even then with his shirt stained they showed the compassion and restraint that their foes had

A young Egg Thrower (left) asks for mercy and recieves it.

not, allowing the young man off with a warning. He was very lucky as the police in the area told him if they had been hit he would not be so fortunate. Yet like a flock of mosquitoes stinging an elephant they at worst could annoy they could not stop the messengers nor people from coming to hear it.

2 a.m. 4-15-10 Finally in Washington

At 2 a.m. a road weary crew unloaded their buses for the final time as they pulled into a hotel in Washington. One last performance awaited them, one last crowd to entertain and inspire.

Thanks guys for all the hard work!

As they rushed in the hopes of getting that last bit of rest before the show they knew from the faces and adoration from Nevada to New York, from Michigan to Massachusetts and even from the thumbs up and handshakes at rest stops along the way they had already succeeded in spreading the word. The two thousand people who would be cheering them in just a few hours were simply the exclamation point at the end of the story confirming it!

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