It’s 8:45 a.m at a internet Kiosk in Washington DC

Posted: April 15, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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and I’m rushing to get this post up as my T-shirt and dress shirt are now drying.

Still a ton of video and many pictures to upload but having issues with room internet so this might have to do.

Planning on hitting main protest for 12 or 1 with Stacy & Barbara and then hitting freedom works event later on. Will have a lot to post on (still have a lot to get up) It’s all a question on when I’ll have time to post it.

Also haven’t quite figured out how I’m getting home but that is a decison that is at least several hours in the future.

I’ll keep you updated as time and internet access permits.

Many thanks to the tea party express crowd for getting me down here.

Thanks again to Barbara for giving me a place to sleep, after the reception this spontanious trip brought along I might need a more permanent one in the near future.

  1. bmo says:

    Woot! Welcome to DC area! I will be at the 7pm rally hope to see you there!

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