Planning Board meeting 4/13

Posted: April 14, 2010 by datechguy in abortion, local issues
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Yesterday’s planning board meeting was memorable particularly by the amount of time everyone had to wait.

This was due to an issue concerning a culvert and access to a cell tower. Three lawyers, two companies and a local citizen were involved and I suspect Chris and I will agree on the existence of God before these people settle their differences with each other.

By the time that first issue was settled it was always past 8 p.m, the board was tired and several of the people who came to speak had left.

We had several speakers on each side, as usual the lead for the group opposing Planned Parenthood was Doctor Rollo but Ted Turner, Chris Hadley, myself,

Several speakers spoke in favor of planned parenthood including Chris Lackey.

Unlike the city counsel meetings there was a fair amount of give and take and the Planning Board seemed generally interested in the opinions of all.

The general opinion was that the resolution was too broad, this was ironic since the previous proposals were criticized for their specifics.

The board will sending a written recommendation to the counsel who will vote on it May 18th. It was my feeling that 3 people on the board seemed to go for it.

All in all I’d say they treated us fairly, I’ll upload and include some video when I have access to a spot with faster uploads.

Update: The Sentinel story is here.

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