Tonight I will at the Planning Board meeting…

Posted: April 13, 2010 by datechguy in abortion, local issues, local stuff
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…that the Sentinel and Enterprise reported on yesterday:

The petition calls for an amendment to the city zoning ordinance, to require that medical offices acquire a special permit from the City Council before opening downtown.

The City Council heard anti-abortion advocates speak in favor of the petition in March, before sending it to the Planning Board for review. Anti-abortion advocates oppose the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ plan to open an office at 391 Main St.

Why do we continue to fight so hard, maybe it’s because of this:

The counselor was told that the teen was between six and eight weeks pregnant. When asked if there is a baby, she is told that there is only “fetal matter… no arms, no legs, no heart, no head, no brains”. This is a blatant lie… according to the Planned Parenthood counselor, all of this is non-existent. All that exists is “fetal matter”.

The counselor even goes so far as to try to talk the teen out of adoption, calling all of the aborted children “burdens”. The counselor clearly was making the case that, if not for abortion, we would have millions of unwanted children, presumably with no homes. Of course, as Live Action points out in the video, there are far more couples seeking babies to adopt than children who actually get adopted.

Hot air deserves the click but you need to see the video.

One of the reasons why Planned Parenthood does so well is the light isn’t shined on them, well Casey and Lila are doing their best to end this.

Will we be successful tonight? Who know but I do know that not fighting is the best way to lose.

  1. At eight weeks, a baby has (at least) arm buds, legs, a beating heart, a brain, a spinal column, and every major organ.

    From a biological perspective, it would be downright bizarre if a baby were to grow first as a lump of undifferentiated cells (past the blastocyst phase, of course), and then try to differentiate those cells into specialised ones. In fact, scientists have found that even when a baby is a mere two cells across, they can determine which side will be the head.

    Science aside, we all started off at that size. No one crash-landed on earth as a full-grown infant.

  2. Chris Lackey says:

    Since you mentioned the clergy letter to the editor in S&E, I figured I’d make sure you saw the GWH rebuttal:

  3. AAGGGGHHHH. The culvert. The culvert.

    Sartre said, “L’enfer, c’est les autres.” He was wrong. Eternal damnation is listening to that culvert debate for eternity.

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