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…and the coverage is rather fair.

It’s hard to sustain a daily protest, particularly if you don’t see immediate effect but Ted, Christine and co carry on.

It’s always gratifying to see good local coverage, if only national media did such a good job.

If you missed the photos from the protest they are here.

Bash Palin win a pulitizer…

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…hey it worked for Kathleen Parker.

Kathryn Jean Lopez is very generous:

I know she has been unfair to conservatives — and the truth — at times. But she has also been open to us and it. She has a perch at the Washington Post that she has undeniably used to highlight issues and views that wouldn’t otherwise get attention there.

Let me put it bluntly: If she didn’t come out loudly against Sarah Palin she would not have won this award. Period!

That’s the way it is and the willingness to accept a crumb or two doesn’t change it.

In fairness to Lopez your friends are your friends no matter what their political opinions and she is right to be happy for her.

…and decides to report the Tea Party events as a racistbigothomophobenaziviolent mob, reference this post at Michelle’s and keep it in mind.

MSNBC has already spent a week promoting a special on Tim McVeigh where Maddow is going to try to paint the tea parties with that brush, be ready for more of the same.

As Glenn has said BRING YOUR CAMERAS!

Update: I’m as optimistic that the media will be covering this stuff as the Lonely conservative is about them covering this stuff.

The Nuclear Zero campaign…

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…is very funny.

Of course without Nuclear Weapons millions upon millions of Japanese and Americans would have died in an invasion of Japan in 1945. The Soviet union would likely still be occupying parts of China since the war would have dragged on. The Soviets might not have been deterred in Europe and of course it would not be 37 years since the last full scale multi nation Arab assault on Israel.

When these fools (assuming they are motivated simply by foolishness) can get Nukes out of North Korea then I will consider taking them seriously.

I know remembering history isn’t popular but might one recall how well the naval treaties of the 20’s and 30’s prevented the rise of rogue powers and ruinous wars.

Maybe its because I remember the cold war and who funded the disarmament groups that railed against the US but I suspect the idea that removing the deterrent effect that Nuclear arms on certain nations is a feature not a bug.