China spies on journalists? NO!

Posted: April 12, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media, opinion/news
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I know for decades the NYT has acted as if communists were simply benign creatures who only have a different view than greedy capitalists. In their minds the west has always oversold the evils contained within.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this article:

Even if we have scant evidence, most foreign journalists have come to assume our phone conversations are monitored. We have learned to remove our cellphone SIM cards when meeting dissidents. At the office, we often reflexively lower our voices when discussing “politically sensitive” topics.

Whenever I see stuff like this I remember a series of Cox & Fordum cartoons where Jimmy Carter would be asking “But Why?” questions and the answer would be “I’m a communist dictator you fool!”

China has long been a source of virus’ and spyware. Anyone who thinks that this is a coincidence is just deluding themselves.

Don’t worry the next time there is a question that doesn’t cover an employee of the NYT I predict that things will be just as they were before, particularly if a republican is in office.

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