Why am I not surprised that Maureen Dowd…

Posted: April 11, 2010 by datechguy in catholic
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…compares Catholicism to the Saudi Government? Of course she does. What is really amazing is that people are going to give the comparison credence.

Dowd conclusions reminds me of what something someone told me yesterday. He had rejected the church because of the height of the liberal era, where many priests decided to go their “own” way, like many of the faithful he was rejected for the priesthood and seeing what priests were doing and were allowing rejected the church right back. I was discussing the sacraments with him yesterday and he insisted for example: “Why should I confess to these two faced … when they are worse than me?”, his view on the Eucharist was the same, yet he proclaimed that the Bible was true, when I attempted to point to scripture (John Chapt 6 btw) suddenly the scripture didn’t matter.

How many faithful potential priests, who might have been more willing to attack and address the scandals that rocked there system, were discouraged and rejected because of priests who wanted to remake the Church in their own image? How many like Dowd have fallen for as the Anchoress calls it; the myth of Held back Catholic Women? How many Cafeteria Catholics were created who don’t take their faith seriously? How many priests like the one above helped chase the faithful away from SACRAMENTAL GRACE?

Removing people from Sacramental Grace is what it is all about. If you actually believe Christianity, then you understand that this is the goal the other side (Satan) has. It’s all about keeping people away from things that might save them.

That’s because they forget the reason for being Christian in general or Catholic in particular. It’s not because you like a particular priest, or their style, it’s not because of an individual Bishop or an administrative decision. It’s not because you like one style of mass vs the other or don’t care for the music. The reason to be Christian in general and Catholic in particular is because it is true.

It is the removal of that emphasis that more than anything else is the legacy of liberal Catholicism and the suffering of those souls that could have been saved that were not, many a priest and Bishop will have to answer for.

Update: It is a hot air headline.

  1. “Pope Benedict, a.k.a. Joseph Ratzinger, is also “the head of the state”—Vatican City—as well as of the Church. The scandal, then can be argued, involves a government leader “protecting child molesters.””
    Is the Vatican going to be a pirate state that gives refuge to pedophiles and rapists?

    We seem to have specific views regarding countries that provide safe haven to criminals and terrorsits. Why is it not the case with the Vatican?