That Fedora sure gets around…

Posted: April 11, 2010 by datechguy in elections, employment
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as Stacy McCain demonstrates.

He was kind enough to extend the loan of his casual fedora — my favorite from the Scott Brown campaign we covered together — which has made several guest appearances here at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

He treats me very generous in that sentence, he treats me even more generous in the paragraph that he closes with:

Please, help Da Tech Guy find the story that will allow him to travel as widely as his fedora has been traveling lately. Other assignments beckon me soon, but I sure wish y’all would send Da Tech Guy down to Savannah to cover the Ray McKinney campaign. It just so happens that the campaign has been making news lately, and Ray has two Republican primary opponents who might like to be interviewed by the founder of the Fedora Brotherhood.

You know if you’ve got friends like Stacy & Smitty you try to give you a hand when you need it you’ve got just about everything.