Proposed Coverage Trip Georgia 4th district. (Bumped to top) $570 down $830 to go

Posted: April 11, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, elections
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Update: $50 was diverted from the Pa-12 by the consent of the payee $830 left!

Since I haven’t gotten any takers yet for the Have Fedora will Travel stuff I’m figuring that if you readers might be interested in some original reporting I am proposing a trip to the Georgia 4th district to expand on the interview I did with Liz Carter.

The fact that this was a solid democratic district that now has a real chance to go Red is very significant and it would be worthwhile to see what the people on the ground are saying.

I propose such a trip from Boston to Atlanta, flying out May 24th and coming back May 28th. The idea would be to not only talk in person to the Candidates but to the available candidates and the voters. I figure for $1400 I can cover flight, hotel, rental, food, gas with enough left over to make up for a week’s unemployment that will be disappearing come D-Day of this year.

I feel kinda odd asking on this, I know Stacy does this stuff all the time but other than CPAC it’s kinda new to me. Until I can sell myself to particular groups or people looking for coverage I’m going to have to ask if you can come through for me. I can promise you photos video and a good series of posts to go along with some standard stuff that I normally get up, and If I get in touch with some local bloggers there I’ll add them to the field guide.

If I can raise the funds for the trip soon enough I’ll move up the date.

To Kick in CLICK HERE and follow the link (you can also log into your paypal account sending funds to to datechguy (the e-mail account is on comcast-dot-net). Make sure you put GA-4 in the subject/comment line.

If I can make it and even if I can’t, thank muchly for your support, both financial and moral.

Update: That first $10 spot is always the hardest.
Update 2 The next $100 was very welcome too!

Update 3: The 2nd $100 comes all the way from England. Many thanks from the land of Doctor Who.

Update 4: Another $10 in the kitty. And $50 more later in the day!

Update: 5: Vinnie will put me up, that’s worth $250

Update: $50 was diverted from the Pa-12 by the consent of the payee $830 left!

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  2. bobbelvedere says:

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  3. What you really need: a Paypal button on the side of your blog. :)

    (If I were not dirt-poor and supporting myself with intellectual prostitution, I would chip in for this.)

  4. Miss Sharon says:

    American Ingenuity at it’s finest. The customer will show up Pete! Hang in!

  5. El Mexicano says:

    Come on, let’s get Datechguy off for some original reporting.

  6. svs says:

    Please – make the link to Paypay more explicit! I’m sure you’re loosing dosh, because it took me 10 minutes to find it..


  7. Joanie says:

    I just replied to your email so check your inbox. I’ve got an extra car and two spare rooms in McDonough if you head this way. I’m on Twitter if you if you want ot follow @jstjoan.

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