Here is what happens to your church…

Posted: April 11, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

when you are more interested in appeasing man than serving God:

On the day of judgment it won’t just be the Queen of the South who rises up and testifies against this generation of Episcopalians. Marie Antoinette will rise up against us as well. She only played at being a shepherdess while the real shepherds and peasants of France were oppressed and mistreated. Our generation has played at being bishops and priests and lay leaders while the work of the church goes undone and the church fell into what may well be irretrievable ruin.

This is why the media/world left this church alone, why bother going after a church that doesn’t post a threat to save any souls?

  1. Robert Birch says:

    Hello datechguy,
    I read your post on Liz Carter…that was interesting but not as interesting as this one. I am a Christian, and all I can think of is John 20:29.

    Anyway, I found out about you blog through and I was wondering if you could shamelessly promote this Tax Protest Sign (here is the url ). I hope to send it to either, the John Dennis’ campaign, or to President Obama.

    I wish the best for you with your future endeavors.