Photos from yesterday’s planned parenthood protest in Fitchburg

Posted: April 9, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, internet/free speech, local stuff
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If you think that things have quieted down because PP has gotten permits form the Zoning board around here think again.

It is worth noting that a Protestant Bishop Howard Shadd joined us today showing that this is not simply a Catholic affair. And the Pastors letter to the editor confirms it. The letter is available here. The Signatories were:

PASTOR PHILLIP ALEXANDER, Messiah Lutheran Church, Fitchburg, REV. WAYNE BALDYGA, Emanuel Lutheran Church, Fitchburg, PASTOR MARK BOUCHER, Assembly of God Church, Leominster, REV. TIMOTHY BREWER, Our Lady of the Lake Church, Leominster, REV. ROBERT D. BRUSO, St. Anthony of Padua Church, Fitchburg, DR. A. ERVEN BURKE, Twin City Baptist Church, Lunenburg, REV. JAMIE CALLAHAN, St. Anna Church, Leominster, REV. H. EDWARD CHALMERS, St. Bernard Church, Fitchburg, REV. JIM CRAIG, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Leominster, REV. JOSEPH DOLAN, St. Camillus Church, Fitchburg, REV. MSGR. JOHN E. DORAN, St. Leo Church, Leominster, REV. THOMAS EGAN, Holy Family of Nazareth Church, Leominster, REV. ROBERT E. GARIEPY, St. Cecilia Church, Leominster, REV. MSGR. FRANCIS T. GOGUEN, St. Cecilia Church, Leominster, REV. KEVIN HARTFORD, St. Leo Church, Leominster, REV. JOHN HUGHES, M.S., St. Joseph Church, Fitchburg, PASTOR THOMAS HUGHES, New Creation Community Church, Fitchburg, REV. STEVEN M. KOROSKENYI, Christian Life Center, Leominster,
PASTOR LARS LARSON, First Baptist Church, Leominster, REV. LAURIE LEGER, M.S., St. Joseph Church, Fitchburg, REV. FRANK L. LIISTRO, Madonna of the Holy Rosary Church, Fitchburg, PASTORS DON AND DONNA LONG, Faith United Christian Church, Fitchburg, PASTOR STEVE MAYO, Elm Street Congregational Church, Fitchburg, REV. EDWARD MICHALSKI, St Cecilia Church, Leominster, REV. EMERITO ORTIZ, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Fitchburg, REV. THIEN NGUYEN, Immaculate Conception Church, Fitchburg, REV. MICHAEL A. PAGAN, St. Leo Church, Leominster, BISHOP HOWARD SHADD, Lighthouse Church of God, Lunenburg, REV. BRYAN TOMES, Crossroads Community Church, Fitchburg

We may not all agree on theology but we all know from murder. More here.

  1. First off good for the kids and teenagers who attended and held signs.

    I looked at the pictures and saw a common theme. Everyone protesting, in my opinion, is of non-child bearing age.

    Where are the twenty-to-forty year olds? Where are the pregnant women and their partners? All I see is kids & seniors. I don’t see them getting pregnant any time in the near future.

    I have the same argument with non-residents campaigning for elections out of their districts. If you have no true say in the matter your opinion can be heard, but it should not get a lot of consideration.

    If I am to hear about how drugs are bad, would I get more real life experience from an authority figure who stayed clear or a former drug addict who spent years in rehab and still struggles every day to stay clean?

    So preggos get out their too.

    Oh, and the infertile women and the pro adoption crowd where are they? If these unwanted pregnancies are brought from term to birth, the women need to know of their other options.

    Where are the couples who want children but cant have them on their own? Where are the gays and the lesbians? I’m willing to bet they would want to raise an unwanted child and start their own family too.

    Where are the urologists? A snip here and a snip there, a couple stitches and *presto!* no more babies. It would seem pretty simple to mix in an advertisement amongst the anti-abortion protesters. Although that wouldn’t be technically pro-life would it?

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