If you think it’s no coincidence that the black to white abortion ratio is 5:1…

Posted: April 9, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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…then you know your history, or have seen Maafa 21:

The willingness to black America to support a party’s whose primary sacrament is abortion never ceases to amaze me.

It is no coincidence that planned parenthood’s wants to get in here as the demographic changes take place. You can’t imagine how discouraging it has been to hear people argue to my face that it’s good for Planned Parenthood to come to Fitchburg to get rid of minorities on the dole. To have that said to me in the 21st century in Massachusetts is one of the most discouraging things I’ve ever experienced.

Much more here.

  1. That’s so sad. So very sad.

  2. Cousin Sam says:

    If there is a bright side to hearing such comments, it may be that the sound of a few racists enthusiastically endorsing Planned Parenthood’s genocidal agenda might do far more towards convincing black folks in America that such an agenda exists than a million non-racist anti-abortion advocates pointing that agenda out. I think many black people just assume that when an abortion foe points out PP’s agenda we are making it up to help the anti-abortion cause or undermine the Democratic party support. On the other hand, if obvious racists publicly (on blogs or wherever, as opposed to just personal comments to guys in fedoras) praise that agenda, that may hopefully cause a few more heads to turn.

  3. You can argue either way with that statistic.

    How about we make the argument that it may be much harder for a non-white female to continue employment or find a better job if she needs to take extended time off for raising a child whether she is a single mother or married mother.

    What about birth rates? According to the last census, non-whites had a higher birth rate than whites. Is this because perhaps white women have more protected sex than non-white. They might have access to better healthcare or more kinds of birth control devices.

    Maybe white women are just not attractive and no man wants to have sex with them. Perhaps 5x more attractive?

  4. Mat says:

    For anyone who is interested in seeing this film as I am but not interested in paying 20 dollars and sending away for it. I found it in three parts on this website and thought I should share it.


    Yes, it’s on youtube, but split into many parts on not all appear to be there so I’d go with the above site unless someone subsequently finds and posts a better one.

    The link between founding of Planned Parenthood, its abortion agenda, and the eugenics movement is undeniable but yet not common knowledge. I’ll be interested in learning more about the history of eugenics through this film but moreover to see how they may show this to be relevant to today and how it may tie in with the “pro-choice” movement and to the greatest human rights issue of today- abortion.

    And to DaHospitalityGuy: yes, that 5-1 statistic may not constitute proof in itself of the pro-choice movement being part of a racist eugenic agenda but when tied to the evidence shown in this film- it might.

  5. saynsumthn says:

    Wow – You are actually hearing people say that – that is stunning. I have posted on my blog MANY Racist comments to the film and abortion – PRO – abortion, that is. When will people wake up !

    As far as the commenter who is encouraging others to watch it for “FREE” all I have to say is that Maafa21 is the best documented film ever and I would imaging that he producers would need the revenue from the film, so they can continue their research. That comment does not belong here, sorry ! BUY THE DVD, don’t be a cheap skate !