One more thing about what Stormy Daniels said…

Posted: April 7, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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from this post.

Forgetting the sin aspect for the sake of this post and just looking at it as a guy. There is something that was said that astounds me and I just have to comment on it.

Warning this post is slightly vulgar!

In my opinion NO Woman is worth $1900 for one night. Period! And these guys weren’t actually getting sex for that money. (I presume that is either extra or isn’t offered, As Chris Rock said: No sex in the Champagne room and all that)

As a guy who was making $800 a week to me $1900 dollars represents nearly 100 hours of work. I’m sorry for that price A person could get the first 110 Dr. Who audios at Mike’s comics. They would last 221 hours and you can replay them forever.

Or I could replace my old TV and finally get a HD flat screen AND a new piece of furniture to put it on that I could enjoy for decades.

For much less than that, MUCH less, I could get a night at a nice local getaway, show tickets, dinner and flowers for the wife, have actual sex with a woman that loves me and the good vibes from that night would likely carry over for a long time.

For $1900 in fact I could do that for: Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Anniversary of First Date, and Just because and STILL have $100 in my pocket!

Now if I was making $1900 an hour (That’s $3.952 Mil a year) I might have a different perspective since it would only represent one hour of work, but as a child of depression era parents to me that’s just crazy.

I’m a guy, I think like a guy but C’mon. Again forgetting the sin aspect and the end of my marriage aspect, the only way someone could get me to spend $1900 on a woman for a night would be for them to give me $3800 with the stipulation that $1900 of it HAD to be spent on one night with a woman. And Stormy Daniels herself couldn’t convince me that any woman is worth it that kind of money.

  1. Values and morality aside, this is like a lot of other things. Some people couldn’t understand spending $50,000 or $100,000 on a car; some people can’t understand spending $200,000 to put a kid through college; and some people don’t understand spending $1,000 on a purse or $500 on a pair of shoes… yet it happens.

    Like a lot of the above, the price disparity can be a result of people who want status and simple market forces (i.e. goods that are in a short supply). Lithe, beautiful young women who are willing to sell their bodies for money fall into both those categories.

    That aside, the joke I’ve heard is that you don’t pay prostitutes for sex; you’re really just paying them to go away afterward. :)

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