Kiss your Tax refund goodbye…

Posted: April 6, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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…if you don’t buy health insurance says the IRS Chief:

Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Shulman downplayed the IRS’s role in enforcing the recent overhaul of the health insurance industry by claiming the agency would not aggressively target individuals who don’t purchase coverage. He noted that the health-care bill expressly forbids the agency from freezing bank accounts, seizing assets or pursuing criminal charges, but when pressed said the IRS would most likely use tax refund offsets to penalize those that don’t comply with the mandate. The IRS uses refund offsets to collect from individuals that owe the federal government a delinquent debt.

Tell me that this didn’t take place one week before tax day and while the Tea Party Express is driving across the country.

I’d just LOVE to be the congressman who has to defend attaching people’s refunds, the young who this will hit the hardest will be positively thrilled!

This is one more reason to adjust your withholding. Once you do so take that money and put it in a CD that matures around April 15th of next year. Instead of hoping to see your refund let the government wait for your money.

And you get the interest too!

Stuff like this has an excellent chance of turning 2010 and 2012 into a seminal election and remember in Bart Stupak’s own words we don’t know which democrats voted no only because he gave them cover.

Update: It made Hotair’s headlines.

Update 2: I’m soliciting comments from congressional candidates.

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