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Posted: April 5, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I have argued for years that the US needs to control its borders better. We have laws concerning entry, if we don’t enforce said laws then we lose our identity and our sovereignty as a nation.

I have also said that If I was a Mexican national I would of course do my best to enter the US for the sake of my children and grandchildren’s future. What person wouldn’t?

It’s kind of a mafia style thing, the Mobster understands that the risk of capture and arrest are part of the cost of doing business. The illegal immigrant understands that the price of coming illegally is the risk of capture and deportation. I don’t begrudge the person trying to get into the US illegally to improve their lot doing whatever they can to get in but I also expect them not to begrudge me for insisting that the law be enforced and doing my best to keep them out and if caught having them arrested and deported.

With the violence in Mexico the dynamic is changing. Mexico is becoming a war zone where the legitimate government is unable to protect its citizens from murder. Dennis Blair’s opinion not withstanding Mexico is rapidly becoming untenable. Chicago Boys contributor Zenpundit saw this story about Mexican’s seeking asylum and is worried:

An ineffective or inappropriate state response will make this tactic go viral:

This is true but unfortunately due to the corruption and inaction of the Mexican government it is now irrelevant.

When you have a group of people who are given a choice between violating US law and being murdered that is no choice at all. These people are now legitimately fleeing murder and oppression. If they were Cubans there would be no question that they are proper asylum seekers, if they were Hungarians fleeing in 1958 there would be no question.

Even if it means camps set up to process tens of thousands to sort out economic refugees from people in fear of their lives it is not possible for us to in good conscious to send these people to their deaths. It just plain isn’t. I haven’t spent the last 3 months fighting Planned Parenthood to save the unborn to send the born back to the killing fields. To our disgrace we rejected Jews during the Nazi era, we ignored the slaughter in Rwanda, we are not allowed to ignore this.

That doesn’t mean it is all we do, we also have an obligation to aid the Mexican government to fight these murderous bastards. If we think that they are not going to migrate over the border once they have power we are deluding ourselves. And lets not think for one moment that these guys are not going to be aiding and abetting our Islamic foes.

Is it fair? Nope, not fair at all. Is it our fault, nope its the Mexican government’s fault for not bothering to govern. Is it going to be a pain in the read, particularly at a time of economic turmoil? That is an understatement and then some.

Does it matter? Nope. We have to do what must be done, it is our duty as human beings and as a nation.

We are Americans, that’s what we do.

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