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…and the Three Stooges on WSBK.

Moe Larry & Curley win every time, at least the stooges unlike Friedman are only pretending to be fools.

Update: Anna Marie Cox compares Code Pink to the tea parties with a straight face on Reliable Sources, David “I’m the only true conservative” Frum and Craig Crawford of don’t call her on it and of course Howie Kurtz doesn’t either.

It takes a certain amount of ignorance and dishonesty to make this comparision, it is this combination of errors that have caused CNN’s audience…
…and of course they are going to play up the NYT Pope stuff, I’m torn between the desire to just listen to my Tom Bakers and to see if he challenges the Times at all (HA).

Update 2: Well the panel will be the reporter from the times and Sally Quinn! Absolutely no chance of anything truthful here, time for Tom Baker. Enjoy last place CNN.

The Easter Vigil is upon us…

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…and the Box is now opened!

Hornet's Next Boxed set!

The New 11th Doctor adventures were broadcast in England today, I may watch them tonight, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Happy Easter

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