Dr. Who The Eleventh Hour My thoughts.

Posted: April 4, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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As you might have expected rather than wait till the 17th for the US broadcast (which might be cut a bit) my son of course set up a proxy server and we watched the first adventure of the 11th doctor together.

Considering that you can find it online it seems odd to worry about spoilers but I will say the following The story was excellent. The characters were enjoyable, the plot-line really worked, there is a big bonus for us old timers.

The details (and spoilers) are after the jump

I think it would have been cool to have the regeneration scene appended to the start.

The bumped up theme sounds too much like the 7th doctor theme however I like the vortex.

You don’t often see the bottom of the Tardis, I also liked very much that they mentioned the library and the swimming pool etc.

I HATED the praying to Santa bit.

The Food business was awesome and the five minutes bit has been done so many times in the audios but you just don’t get sick of it.

Karen Gillan was simply wonderful in the part. Fortunately and/or unfortunately the policewoman outfit makes it harder to notice because it highlights a rather incredible set of legs.

The Raggedy doctor stuff, delightful. The idea that almost everyone knows the “crazy kissogram” girl in the small town is logical. Kind of a Jumanji meme. It really works.

I don’t know how many of those supporting characters will re-appear but I like them.

I think the aliens looked cheesy.

“Who’s that rubbish?” Classic!

The 10 doctor montage More Classic!

“Basically…Run!” Classic squared!

Amy: “I’ve grown up”, The Doctor: I’ll soon fix that!

New Tardis design is pretty good.

You just knew the wedding dress would be there.

This is going to be a great. I sure hope Matt Smith doesn’t bolt after a season or two.

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    Say, Tech Guy, what’s up with the Riverfront Park downtown. It’s a beautiful day and I went to take a walk with friends. The place is fenced off at both ends and you can’t get in. There’s nothing in there and no one present; they’ve just got the place closed off. Not very good for the first warm spring weekend.