The Great Sex/Porn debate

Posted: April 3, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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It started on National Review continued at Pajamas media, and now keeps up at Little Miss Attila:

Just “keep him fed,” and “give him sex.” Keep him fed? And give him sex on his own schedule? I like doing both of those things for my husband as much as the next girl, but most people have three meals a day, and at least one snack, plus that daily/weekly/monthly sex session . . . how many hours a day do these people recommend a woman devote to keeping her man, in addition to whatever she does to earn a living? That ain’t libertarianism—it’s slavery.

Bottom line here? Fun or not fun, in the end Porn is well sin. And as a rule sin should be avoided whenever possible. As far as sex in marriage, it’s actually a lot easier than outside of marriage since you only have to figure out one other person but like anything else it takes work and anything worthwhile usually takes work.

Update: Via Glenn Althouse takes a swing. It’s my experience that if you give a man an excuse ninety nine times of one hunderd he will take it.

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