Say Thanks for Palin and the Tea Partiers for this one…

Posted: March 31, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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don’t think for one minute that the president would be defying his leftist friends if he didn’t need to recover from their pushback.

In a move that could help win Republican support for other energy initiatives, President Obama will announce plans Wednesday to open large sections of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and an area off the Virginia coast for oil and natural gas drilling.

“To set America on a path to energy independence, the president believes we must leverage our diverse domestic resources by pursuing a comprehensive energy strategy,” said a statement provided by an administration official

Wrong reason or right reason aside, it is the right policy, particularly in a time of high unemployment and it should be supported and encouraged, particularly when done by a president on the left.

The Lonely conservatives thinks it might be to get votes on cap and tax. We’ll see.

  1. Nan says:

    Don’t believe anything this President is saying. Look at what he surrounds himself with.

    I tell all to go look at Cloward & Pevin, he taught this in college.

    Our country is being taken over with socialism, maybe worse. See Glenn Beck on what socialism, Via Hitler did to Germany.

    This man has grown up with a father that took off, his mother dropped him off with the grandparents so she could explore maxist ideas. Obama setting in Rev Wright maxist church for 20 years.

    It is a WAKE UP AMERICA.

    The DEMS took us down the road. Bribes, deals, not what American people do. They got their earmarks, they get to keep their health care.
    We now are going to get dealth panels, higher insurance costs, A COMPLETE FEDERAL TAKEOVER OF OUR COUNTRY.

    I have a friend, she is a auditor, she has just been hired by the FDIC to audit companies. MORE TAKEOVER

    This has got to stop. The only way is in the November elections. Vote all out, stop the funding of this bill.

    This country was built of the FREE PEOPLE, willing to work, not looking for a NANNY STATE.

    I am self employed, hit hard like all small business.

    Obam is going down as the WORST President in this country. He doesn’t see that that small business run this country. Yes he can see that, but you wants to take this country down.

    Like today of shore drilling, I bet he will delay that. This man is not to be trusted.

    If we let Obam take over the country, we will not pass a better life to our children or our grandchildren.


  2. LOL, getting any republican votes…not very likely.