First Thoughts from the Twin City Tea Party meeting…

Posted: March 30, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, local stuff, opinion/news, special events
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The room at the Border Grille and Bar was very full. I counted 86 heads in the place, I think a few more might have turned up after we started but then a few more might have left before things were done too.

Interviewed several people there before things got going (will be uploading them to YouTube in the morning) quite a few were first time people who had never attended an event and wanted to see what was going on. Most had never been involved in any kind of activism.

As always the food at the Boarder Grille & Bar was first rate.

Several candidates showed up, the most impressive of the batch was a fellow running for State auditor.

The fellow from the Worcester Tea Party’s presentation (which took place after the candidates) was too long and not well organized, he had a lot to say about what they had done and a few very good points (particularly about building a farm system via lower office) but he should have condensed and organized his presentation better. His hostility to Sarah Palin didn’t play well with several of us there and he really annoyed DaHospitalityGuy. Perhaps he is more of a doer than a talker. Not everyone has the same gifts.

Once he was off stage there was a series of suggestions and give and take with the crowd that was very effective, Fitchburg & Leominster has great potential for growth in this area.

When things were all over I had a pleasant conversation with Roxeanne of Haemet which lasted long after the room had emptied.

This was only the second meeting and they doubled their crowd. I think Justin did a really good job and will only continue to improve with time. With different groups in Gardner and Ayer I doubt this is going away anytime soon.

Update: Meanwhile Stacy reports on a larger Tea Party event out west.

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it would seem to make sense if my memory serves me correctly, but didn’t Ken Mandile, the organizer of the Worcester Tea Party who spoke last night at the Border, say he was a Libertarian?

    If that is the case it would certainly explain the fiscal responsibility focus. Which makes more sense when he said to ‘avoid social issues because it will seperate us’, believing he meant while at the Tax Day Tea Party event in Worcester, it would keep all the conservatives (Twin City Tea Partiers, et al.) and the libertarians (Worcester Tea Party) focusing on the same message, thus giving the impression that his own libertarian organization has grown thus making more of a name for himself.

    I do not understand, well maybe I do actually, why he doesn’t want to support Democratic or Republican candidates, but he is associated with Americans For Prosperity, Sam Adams Alliance, and American Liberty Alliance, just to name a few organizations that have strong ties to the Republican party. Exposure, credibility, & money.

    I’ll not prejudge and I’ll assume he is a nice man, and will understand in his belief of his cause, but I have the impression that he is a Ron Paul supporter which would basically explain the ‘Sarah Palin is not tea party’ statement which prompted me to get up and leave.

    This is why I left after that statement. The Ron Paul Fiscal Responsibility/End the Fed movement basically lost its flair since about the time of the Obama/McCain election of 2008-March 2009 with all the bank bail out stuff. Whereas Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, & Fox News have given a face and national exposure to the Tea Party movement, something that small local grassroots organizations simply can not do on their own.

    Is she the leader of the tea party movement? No. Is she the most recognizable face and national figure most associated with it? you betcha!

    Did I have to google the Tax Day Tea Party event while blogging last night in order to find a name, then google it in an attempt to find an online photo, in order to match it to the name of the speaker last night…YES! Did I remember Ken’s first name correctly when I began writing this comment the next day? No.

    Do I think of Sarah Palin first when I hear tea party? No. Actually I think about that microwave popcorn commerical when the father and son smell popcorn and go to the little girls room and she says ‘tea party only’ then you see them all eating popcorn dressed up in girlie tea party outfits and she says ‘napkins napkins’.

    But Sarah is a second.

  2. Sam Adams Alliance and American Liberty Alliance are all Republican outfits? That’s news to me.

    Okay, that aside: the larger explanation for focusing on fiscal issues is this: as our country is sliding towards bankruptcy, borrowing more and more money from China, and is passing off huge debts to our children that we cannot even pay the interest on, fiscal issues are really, really important.

    Because they are so important, they are really something that, ideally, both parties should be concerned about.

    Because fiscal sanity is so important, it matters to a lot of voters – voters who disagree on everything from gay marriage to abortion – and it’s important to have an outlet for the probably three-quarters of Americans who care about the deficit and the power that people have in Washington.

    After the Bush Administration, it became apparent to people that there are big-government Republicans, just as there are big-government Democrats. The Tea Party movement is in revolt against both of those ideologies.

    If we focus on other issues, we may lose political power (in terms of numbers of voters who agree with the fundamental message of the Tea Party); we will certainly dilute our message; we lose the ability to hold ALL politician’s feet to the fire; and we will be in the position of making huge compromises in our beliefs.