A very imporant post at Instapundit yesterday…

Posted: March 29, 2010 by datechguy in elections, media
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…on what to do to fight big government if you live in an uncompetitive district. My two favorites:

“Campaign against your local Congress critter regardless. Donate to his opponents. Even if he wins in spite of your efforts the strength of the opposition may worry him and affect his votes. And you might beat him. Who expected us to win Kennedy’s seat (sic) in Mass.?”

I like that suggestion a lot, it was lonely holding that McCain/Palin sign but it made people know someone else was there.

Another reader emails: “I live within 100 miles of a Dem congressman’s district in my state. He voted against the bill. BUT…before the vote I called his office and informed them I will contribute to his opponent if the Democrats pass this. AND I told them I will drive the 1 1/2 hours to help his opponent knock on doors, stuff envelopes, answer phones, get out the vote….whatever it takes to defeat him. As a clincher, I told them I am unemployed thanks to his party’s policies. I’ll have plenty of time to devote to his opponent.”

…if I had any more to add I would suggest some publicity perhaps hiring a fellow with a fedora to cover your candidate for a week.

  1. I’ll add: run on the state level, too! From what I’ve seen at the Tea Parties, people are getting ready to run for things they never would have dreamed of running for a year ago. First, there’s the idea of working your way up – first do town level things, then state level, then national. Second, as we’ve seen from the political and legal fights over health care, the states can take some control over these situations.

    Remind your Congressman that the Constitution can still mean something, that states can enforce that, and that you fully intend to change your state. Remind your Congressman that if we go ahead with an Article V convention, the gravy train in Washington is over – permanently.