Talked to Robert Stacy Last Night

Posted: March 27, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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he tells me that he is doing fine and my Fedora is doing even better. He gives the Axis of Fedora props for a run of luck at the Roulette Table he had.

He was on his way trying to find Searchlight site of the Tea Party event today, due to a previous engagement I was unable to join him out west and he had some trouble navigating without me at the wheel next to him (or it could be that he was on the phone with me when he missed the turnoff) but apparently in the end he found the fabled land of searchlight aided no doubt by the long line of cars heading through the desert going to the same spot.

Even before his current report hit the Blog I found out that he would have to hightail it back to grab Ali from the airport who is still finding Gems like this in Obamacare:

Obama’s #hcr insurance mandate did NOT eliminate pre-existing conditions in all insurance. Call any airline ticket insurer.

I don’t know how familiar Ali is with trying to wake Stacy up early in the morning but that drive back to Searchlight is going to be very interesting.

There were already people camping out, Stacy being Stacy took the time to talk with the people there. It remains to be seen if they will draw the 4,000 or 10,000 but if my experience with Palin in NH is any indication it will be VERY large.

My question is will the SEIU stewards pull the “You’d better show up to counter protest or don’t be looking for jobs” bit to gin up counter protests. I remember in NH how organized the opposition to the Governor was as opposed to the grass roots nature of the people waiting to see her. Will they be organized and intimidating enough to get folks there so the media can say they existed or will it be too long a haul for them? If they do show up I suggest a quick video panning from the protesters to the crowd to see Governor Palin to illustrate the size difference and the media’s attempt to make them equivalent.

The big question is this. Can Stacy get a picture of Sarah Palin in the Fedora? Can we have her join the axis? No matter what today won’t be a lazy Saturday over at the Other McCain. I suggest frequent visits.

I can’t believe my Fedora made it to Vegas before I did.

  1. Told you- you need a fedora franchise- think of all the money you will make!!!! Conservatives everywhere will wear one- we will instantly be recognizable by our stylishness!!!!!